Download Latest Version of VidMate Free

Download latest version of VidMate free for downloading audio and video of the most popular services of the network such as: YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Dailymotion and Vimeo. To use this tool, it is very simple, since on your main screen you will have direct access to each particular site. Also you will have a search engine, to find your content faster.

To make matters worse, this app has a download manager that you can pause and resume. In addition to incorporating a media player.

Download latest version of VidMate movil


The advantage that Vidmate has over other applications known for Android is that not only download videos or audio for the YouTube platform. This app is much more versatile to work with more platforms. Such as the case of Facebook. Which lately we find videos shared by our contacts of some news or jokes and we are so interested that we want to download it directly to our smartphone storage. But, we do not have the tool to perform such action.

With Vidmate it is no longer necessary to have an application for each platform that we want to download the audio or video. The importance to download videos from our mobile phone has increased substantially and even today we download videos to listen only to music, not precisely to watch the video.

For many users the easiest way to listen to music over the network is through a video and for this to be possible we will need some application that can do this task. On the other hand downloading videos is important when you want to watch a video in offline mode and without relying on the network. Also to store it in a memory and watch it on our Smart TV.

How to download latest version of VidMate free

In order to use this application, simply download the corresponding APK file, and then install it as an application from unknown sources. You can install it from Android 2.2 and above.

To download this APK file and install the application on an Android device, just follow these steps:

  • First step: Download the application’s APK file on your smartphone or tablet. This can be found in different pages, but you’ve to make sure that the source is secured.
  • Second step: Go to Device Settings and make sure the following option is enabled: Security, Device Management, Unknown sources.
  • Third step: Access the folder in which the APK file has been saved. Then touch it to install the application.
  • Fourth step: Remove the installation package if you want to gain space in the device memory.

    Download Vidmate
    Download Vidmate

We’ve explained the steps to you. If you are looking for this application on Google Play you won’t find it because of Google’s policies. It is prohibit to download YouTube applications because it will infringing on copyright.

With this application you can have your favorite YouTube content. However, you should be aware of the memory capacity of your device. Because videos often load a lot of memory and you could run out of space if you file too many.

Vidmate is one of the best know and popular video downloading app for Android. This app has been chosen for millions of users around the world to make the downloading of their favorite songs, videos and all multimedia content.

His is a free app and can be easily downloaded. This app can be used to download online movies, videos and many other things. One of the many features that make this app so popular among the users is that it lets you choose the quality of the video, this includes HD formatting too.

Vidmate consumes very little space on you device, meaning that the downloading of your videos will be faster and you´ll have more space available on you memory for more downloads.

If you are a music lover this app has a very nice surprise for you, as you can do your music downloading just searching for any available video from the more than 20 different platforms set by the developers in the app bay default, by doing so, that song that you like will be saved in the device automatically.

Install new version vidmate
Install new version vidmate

And this is not it, the users of Vidmate are allowed to download all their favorite application and games directly from within the app and into their devices.

How to installing Vidmate New Version  2018

Vidmate was lunched a few years back and is used now for millions of people worldwide. One of the things I like he most about this app is that it gets updated regularly, so its functions and features are in constant improvement.

For this year there´s a knew improvement to come yet that will make Vidmate become one of the best and smoother app to download videos online directly into your Android phone.

Now pay close attention to what we are about to mention so you can understand better the different features of the app.

  1. In the new version for 2018, the users will have the possibility to download videos in parallel in order to accelerate the speed of download of all their favorite music and videos.
  2. Vidmate will have an option to broken or resume paused downloads. This given that the web that you are using to make you downloading allows it.
  3. The app supports large files downloads. In this way the users’ won´t find it hard to download movies and they can enjoy them anywhere and at any time they want.
  4. One of the best things about this app is that it can run in the background, with no problem at all, so you can continue to use your phone while downloading your files.
  5. Another great thing for the users of Vidmate is that it gives you the chance to reproduce your videos in their favorite media player, just have to adjust the preferences.
  6. Vidmate also includes a feature that detects a link from the user browser, this will help the user to know if the file can be downloaded.

So what are you waiting for? Start downloading all you favorite music, videos and movies using Vidmate, the best application available right now for it! Go to your Play Store and download this excellent app for video downloading now!

Install New Version Vidmate Now

Vidmate is an application that will help you to make you come down all of your videos from social networks, Youtube and other networks. For months it is one of the most downloaded and continues to be one of the best applications most downloaded of the moment. Today I want to talk to you about vidmate for PC which is one of the most sought after and that will allow you to have those videos that once seemed impossible that you have on your computer. Plays tell you about c´mo download and install vidmate for PC and following our steps in a few minutes will be ready so that you take advantage of it.

How to active Vidmate on PC?

Vidmate for PC is available for the version of Windows Vista as well as subsequent updates of this operating system, should be noted that we we have a great variety of versions that have come out of this program. However, the most appropriate is that you try to install the latest and that it is compatible with your operating system. So the best thing is that you try to find a version that will allow you to download your videos.

Free Vidmate for PC
Free Vidmate for PC

Steps to download and install vidmate free on pc

Step 1: We recommend that you download this application from a reliable server, that once you downloaded it you make an analysis to verify that you don’t have any kind of virus. This will help to improve your application and not have problems. Currently, we have different versions, just try not to install any kind of supplements.

Step 2: Since the file has been downloaded will have to run it as administrator so you will not have problems. This will take us a couple of minutes and appear us some options on the preferences requesting us to change, some are optional and if you have to apply them. If everything did you correctly, then proceed with the installation and the application will be available on your computer. That Yes, I remember that this application requires an internet connection to make it work.

Download Videos from Vidmate to PC

This is very simple, the first thing you will need is that you open the app Vidmate and then you point your browser to access your social networks or applications for watching videos. Remember that this application is compatible with a wide variety of sites that allow us to download any video.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is choose the video and then copy the url of the video. Since you did this, if the implementation of vidmate, was already open it will be copied immediately and will start the download.

Step 2: In case that you have not done so, you have to Open Vidmate and after doing this is that you must press “control + V” or “Paste”, automatically start this url within our discharge options.

Step 3: Here it is important that selections video format, as it is one of the things that you will have to take into account, therefore offers us a vast amount of formats. You can leave one as the default, but this is a matter of taste and ready with this will be ready the download of the videos in Vidmate. 


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