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Vidmate is an Android app that is incredibly popular online that can help you search, view or download any video to your phone from sites like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram so if you are a fan of films and any other kind of video content you should give this program a try, it’s also the best way to get a Video Downloader application to any of your devices.

Unfortunately is only available for Android devices, Blackberry, Windows and Smartphones, there are also a PC/Laptop version you can choose. It’s also not on the Play Store because it’s only available as APK online but you can easily download it on Vidmate official website.

Some of the downsides to this maybe the advertisement placed before some of the videos that might be a little bit annoying for some people but if you are willing to be patient it’s a pretty nice app. Something you should also know is the fact that with certain videos that are too big (likely the closer to 1 GB) the download can be a little slow and might eat a little too much of your data.

Vidmate app
Vidmate app

The flaws of the app vidmate on Google Play

But since we’ve pointed out some of the flaws of the app here are some of the perks of this useful app:

There is an incredibly wide range of movies in HD and music you can stream and download them directly into your phones and the immense collection of music it’s usually updated so you all the new songs can be streamed soon and there is also no limit on the amount of downloads for music.

The app also saves twenty or more than your favorite websites on the main menu and you can also add any site you want to that list in case it wasn’t there already. Everything from music to movies and TV Shows can be downloaded free any kind of charge in high quality.

There is also a section that provides a few TV Channels with some popular shows and recorded episodes after a couple of days the downside to this feature is that there are not too many channels to choose from. Everything is very cleanly and neatly arranged in different tabs with an amazing interface.

Vidmate is the best


You can see and download 2 to 4 Youtube videos at a time. There is a filter option where you can narrow down your search according to genre, year, artist, language and country. Just like the TV Channels feature the live version is also short on the options.       It’s a very small size app but you it can carry a lot of things and which makes this app incredibly useful.

But it offers some options for news and sports channels you can watch live. You can also download certain games besides videos and TV show you can save yourself a lot effort and time by using this. You can also get notifications when a new music video comes out. You can also download other apps through this one very easily

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