Old Vidmate App Download

Did you know updates if not done correctly could damage the app, make it slower and even impossible to work with slightly older devices? You probably do, and your uninstalled apps do too. This is a very common problem among apps and even in operative systems like IOs or Android because due to a single mistake, the app crashes and there is no going back.

However, there is a certain kind of app, which has this fatal error more than often, the download apps. Those applications that are able to download a certain field in our phone, usually after an update they stop working on our favorite platforms, or the download’s speed is ridiculously slow.

Luckily, VidMate had not had that kind of error, but sometimes we rather the old version due to compatibility with our phone or we rather the oldest user interface for simplicity purposes. Before we get into the subject, let’s look at what VidMate does.

Old vidmate app download
Old vidmate app download

Vidmate’s features

1. Downloads videos and songs on your favorite platform.

VidMate supports almost every platform available due to its high compatibility; some sites might even surprise you that are compatible with VidMate. To give you an example, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, DailyMotion, Youtube, Instagram, SoundCloud are just a few of the platforms supported by VidMate.

2. Browsing through the app

You are able to browse in your favorite platform through VidMate without having to download the videos you are watching or the songs you are listening. So, you can check your favorite videos and songs, find new ones and if you truly enjoy them, you can download them.

3. Convert your videos and songs

Before downloading, you can choose any kind of format that you would like your file converted into, thus you can convert the file you want in the format that your phone supports and, if you need to upload something to your social media, you are able to convert it to the supported format. Also, if you are watching a streaming, you can download it in HD Quality.

These are amazing and handy features to download your favorite movies, albums, series and individual songs. All of them are available in each version of VidMate.

Old vidmate app download
Old vidmate app download

Is VidMate a paid app?

New and old VidMate app download, install and use as always been free. This app was designed as a solution for those moments where you do not have any internet connection and you want to enjoy your favorite series’ latest episode or your favorite songs while jogging.

Also, VidMate in all of its version has never had a limit when it comes to downloading files, and you can download as many files, as heavy as you want into your phone or PC.

There are people who cannot get the old Vidmate app download file, but you do not need to go as far as browsing the whole internet. In fact, if you need the previous versions of VidMate, you can go the official page where you can get the old Vidmate app download link and get the .apk file.

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