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VidMate App Old Version is an amazing app that allows you to download videos and music from a lot of websites such as Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion and SoundCloud. With this app you can easily choose the quality of the videos including HD (High Definition) videos. Every video will be saved in your device’s library. Here you will learn how to download VidMate Apk.

VidMate app is nowadays, one of the best and amazing entertainment apps which help users to download videos, music and movies directly to Android smartphones. It gives free access to lots of content from all over the world.

Video mate Downloader

Using your internet connection, you will download at full speed. VidMate gives you almost the double download speed than other apps. VidMate connects to multiple hosts from your device, which makes 5 times faster the video streaming.

You can look for sites that stream movies and download them. It also suggests new movies so you can stay updated with the last content. You will for sure, have access to every movie you want to see.

Download VidMate App Old Versions

VidMate is completely free. You can download the APK in It’s not available on the iStore or Google Play Store. So, you will not find it in the official apps store of your devices. However, you can download and install it on your Android device via USB connection. Since many users have had trouble with recent versions, you can always choose to download VidMate App Old Version.

After downloading the APK file you will need to connect your Android device via USB to your PC. Then you must activate, in the settings, the option for unknown sources, which will allow the app to be installed. Then you choose the file through the files explorer, install it and you will be ready to go.

VidMate for free (Latest & Old Versions) 2018

With the easy interface that this app has, you can navigate through all of it has to offer very easily. You just need to choose one of the video streaming hosts and look for the video/song you want to watch and listen. VidMate also suggests new and popular content for you to watch.

You can choose if after downloading VidMate you want to stream or download the content you will be watching and save it on your library. There is an option to increase the speed of download. Besides having a big number of content, offers many options for every type of user.

Download Movies and Music Free

There is no limit on the amount of content you will download. You can watch everything you want at the moment you prefer. With VidMat you will never be bored.

Vidmate is such a good option if you do not want to pay for other apps with live TV channels. You have all the content of the web in your hands, literally, on your cellphone. And now you know how to download VidMate App Old Version, just go to its website and start enjoying!

Vidmate Video App for PC with Emulator

Today we want to talk about the best application to download videos on your devices. But, we must bear in mind that Vidmate is only designed to download videos on Android smartphones and tablets. Therefore, the tutorial that we have brought is very special! Because, we will teach you how to download vidmate video downloader app for PC, without problems and only with a few steps.

How to user vidmate app for PC

  1. The first thing you should do is look for the APK of Vidmate. –An APK file is an executable file that when the installation is selected is done automatically. The installation can be done much easier.-
  2. Once we have the file we should leave it on the computer desk so we can find it easily.
  3. Once you have the file, we must remember that this is not valid for the system of our computer. So we cannot use the Vidmate application yet and to achieve it we will have to find an emulator to carry out the installation and we can use it with total normality and comfort.

Get HD videos with VidMate to PC using an emulator for Android as Bluestacks

An emulator is a program for computers that makes the simulation our computer is a mobile device with the Android operating system. This will allow us to install the file of Vidmate and any other that usually only run on mobile devices with Android operating system. There are a lot of variations of emulators, you can find different features and different formats.

However, there is one that stands out among all and is the best of the moment. This is the BlueStacks. This emulator has a simpler operation and will give us a better performance when executing the applications we want. We recommend that you install the emulator from the official website of the service. This will make you sure you will download the correct file and that it will not contaminate your computer with viruses.

Once you have downloaded it, everything is much simpler. Only, you will have to execute the APK file that we have previously downloaded from the Vidmate application. All you have to do to complete the installation is to select it and the installation will start automatically, this makes it much simpler and will avoid any mistakes.

What is Vidmate and how to use and download video

Vidmate is an excellent application to download multimedia content from any web page. Many people use it only to download YouTube videos, but it also allows us to download the content from any other web page that we want. We recommend that you frequently clean your computer of the downloaded files.

Both operations, of the emulator and of the application in general, can lower the quality causing more problems. You can make a backup on a hard drive or simply delete and clean, with a special program, the waste left by each video on the computer. This is an application that makes sure to download any content without virus. Finally you can start to feel much safe at the time of downloading any video you want.

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