Vidmate Old Version APK Download

We all use YouTube at least once a day. This has become one of the most important platforms around the world because on it we found all types of videos we want to watch.

However, one of the details that YouTube doesn’t allow us is to download its content. For that we must ask to other applications or services to help us to do so. With Vidmate old version apk download all the videos from Youtube you want

Instructions for Vidmate old version apk download

The bad thing about VidMate is that they have been banned from the Google Play Store. Like any other application of a similar nature. With banned we mean that you can’t download this app on the typical way that everyone knows.

Vidmate old version APK download
Vidmate old version APK download

This is a serious problem for many people, because as is the only way they know to download, they may feel lost in other ways of downloading songs. In addition, we don’t know how secure is to download apk apps. Some people take advantage of it and put viruses in the applications. The result, infecting mobile phones of novice users. For this reason, we will see all the options we have to download this application safely.

Up To Down

  • Up To Down is a very famous website, which will allow you to download all kinds of applications directly in apk format. This is a format that allows you to install the application directly on your mobile phone.
  • This method is simple to use, since we only have to go to the web of up to down and look for Vidmate on the search engine.
  • Automatically we will leave the application, along with a review explaining what it is and the benefits it has.
  • Once you have the downloaded application, we will go to unknown sources in security settings and we will activate them.
  • In addition, we have to install an updated antivirus. Which will protect you first of all the types of viruses that exist. Analyzing both, the applications and the files that we are going to download.

Use of the application

Now that we have downloaded the application, we will learn how to use it. So you can have all YouTube videos and songs directly on our mobile phone. You can really download many videos from all the portals, so let’s see little by little all the ways to do it.

1. Download from YouTube

The first method we are going to use is to download YouTube videos from this application. Here, we have to click on the YouTube option, in which the YouTube search engine will be sent directly to us so that we can choose the video that we want.

Vidmate old version APK download
Vidmate old version APK download

Here we will leave the option to download any video and in any format. Just by clicking in the video and clicking on the option that we want. As we said before, we will be able to download the video in music format and in any video format.

Download from other portals

In addition to downloading things from YouTube, we will also be able to download any video on other video portals. The other portals that come out to us are portals like Instagram or Soundcloud.

VidMate is an app that allows you to download videos and music from other websites such as Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, and many more. The app allows you to choose the quality of the videos including High Definition videos. Every video will be saved in your library. Here we will show you how to download VidMate App 3.21.

Download VidMate App 3.21

VidMate app is one of the best and amazing entertainment apps which help users to download HD videos, music and movies directly from Android smartphones. It gives free access to a plethora of content from all over the world. With VidMate you will have tons of hours of entertainment.

Fast Download Speed

Download VidMate App 3.21
Download VidMate App 3.21

Using your average internet connection you can download at full speed. VidMate gives you the double amount of download speed than other similar apps. VidMate connects to multiple hosts from your device, which makes 5 times faster the video streaming.

Other similar apps offer the same concept but don’t deliver the same efficacy as VidMate. With this app the content loads quicker. With VidMate you have access many live TV channels

VidMate Interface

VidMate has many features. Sometimes more is not good; however, with the easy interface of this app you can navigate through all it has to offer easily. You just need to choose from one of the video streaming hosts and look for the video/song you want. VidMate also suggest recent and popular content for you to watch.

You can choose if after you download VidMate App 3.21 you want to stream or download the content you’re watching and save it on your library. There is an option to improve the speed of download. Besides having a big number of content it offers many options for every type of user.

Download Movies and Music For Free

You can choose from many sites that stream movies and download them with VidMate. It also suggests new movies so you can stay always updated with the last content. You have access to every movie you want to see.

There’s no limit on the amount of content you can download. You can watch everything you want at t

Download Movies and Music For Free
Download Movies and Music For Free

he moment you want. With VidMate you are never going to be bored. You can download hundreds of thousands of High Quality songs directly. The same principle of the movies applies with VidMate. You have access to all the music of the world.

How to download VidMate App 3.21

VidMate is completely free. You can download the APK over It’s not available on iOs or Google Play; however you can download it and install it on your Android device via USB connection.

After downloading the APK file you need to connect your Android device via USB to a PC. Then you need to activate over the settings for unknown software. Then you choose the file through the files explorer, install it and you’re ready to go.

Vidmate is a really good option if you don’t want to pay extra money for other apps with live TV channels. You have all the content of the web at the palm of your hands, literally, on your cellphone and now you know how to download VidMate App 3.21.


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